How SAVVY Business Owners Solve Workers Comp Insurance Headaches


We have created this webinar for you to learn more about how savvy business owners can solve workers comp insurance headaches. Our goal in this presentation is to help you learn three key things on your road to being savvy:

  • First, how you can control your workers comp costs – as a business owner, you’re always worried about finances, so this area is critical.
  • Second, how you can effectively manage any workers comp claims.
  • And third, how you can use your workers comp plan to get some other little perks to help with your human resources.


If you register using the form on this page, you can get a couple of extras:

  • You can download a brochure of the HR program – it’s free and will show you more about what you see here.
  • Let me buy you dinner! You can enter your information to get a $100 gift card from, which can be used at many different restaurants around the U.S.

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